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History: the "Palazzo"
Palazzo Camozzini Apartments are in the ground and in the second floor of the historic building "Palazzo Camozzini", an hidden gem in the heart of Verona.

The 16th century "Palazzo Camozzini" is immersed in an ancient and peaceful quarter of Verona known as
"Cadrega", right next to the famous Piazza delle Erbe.

Surrounded by
prestigious buildings it is situated in the vicinity of the historic church of S.Eufemia.

This elegant residence belonged to several generations of noble families was built on foundations of buildings dating back to roman times ( elements are still visible in the cellars). It has been carefully preserved the typical features of Venetian building, even through the changing tastes of the times.

While the outside facade follows the original style of the late Renaissance, the decorations and frescoes found inside were updated during the neoclassical period.

Inside "Palazzo Camozzini " our family program the "Concentrated Operas" during the year.

We can breath the same magical atmosphere of ancient times in the Palazzo Camozzini Apartments, located inside of the "Palazzo Camozzini".

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